Rent or Buy?

Rent or Buy?

Should you rent an apartment or buy a home?

Traditionally, when people start out in life, renting an apartment is the first step in the housing journey. Then, as people progress economically and determine where they want to live, buying a home becomes the next step.

However, ever since the real estate fallout in the early 2000’s, people from all phases of life have realized that buying a home is not always the logical next step.

Homes have not been appreciating in recent years like they appreciated prior to the real estate fallout. Plus, people do not necessarily want all the responsibility and financial burden home ownership demands.

So, whatever stage of life you are in with your housing journey, make the decision to rent an apartment or buy a home is very personal. Here are a few links to some resources that may help you in your journey. Just click on the headline link.

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