Company Focus

Company Focus

“Standard approaches to affordable housing will yield only standard—and inadequate—results.”

Mckinsey & Company

Affordable Housing Report

October 2014

In order to change the results in the Affordable Housing Industry, organizations of all types have to change their strategies, their attitudes and the tactical initiatives they implement.

Affordable Housing Collaborative, LLC is about working to effect practical changes in the Affordable Housing Industry by focusing on the four areas identified In the 2014 McKinsey Report:

  1. securing land for affordable housing at the right location,
  2. developing and building housing at lower cost,
  3. operating and maintaining properties more efficiently, and
  4. improving access to financing for home purchases, development, and rental assistance

To achieve positive results in the aforementioned four areas, Affordable Housing Collaborative will focus on the following:

  1. Through our web-platform, provide educational materials and relevant news topics to help the members of the Affordable Housing Industry work smarter and more efficiently.
  2. Through our Ambassador Program, provide localized face-to-face professional expertise to our members to help them better manage their operations. Many industries – such as banking, construction, accounting, real estate, etc. – support the needs of the professionals in the Affordable Housing industry.
  3. Through our “thought leadership” partners proactively reach out to city, county and state zoning professionals in an effort to discover new ways to expand the inventory of land available for new housing. This would include examining existing zoning and code regulations that could be changed to increase the amount of land at the right locations.
  4. Through our Certification Program, help companies become better corporate citizens regarding affordable housing and help social impact investment funds become better recognized.

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