The Ambassador Program is designed to offer an affordable and cost-effective cause-related marketing or community relations program to our ambassador members in an effort to…

  • Increase their brand awareness in the affordable housing marketplace.
  • Increase their visibility in the affordable housing marketplace.
  • Improve or reinforce their market-positioning in the affordable housing marketplace.
  • Create or improve their reputation within the affordable housing marketplace.
  • Increase the number of prospects in their sales pipeline.
  • Increase their sales within the affordable housing marketplace.
  • Provide a focused and structured sales development “action plan.”
  • Make our Ambassadors feel great through their participation in our affordable housing platform.
  • Team members with other non-competing organizations to leverage sales development resources.

Ambassador Program Cost-Effective Price:

The price has been budgeted at $1,000 per year. However, for a limited time, we intend to discount this price to the “originating ambassadors” that work with us to fully develop the program. The annual fee may be paid in one $500.00 payment or spread over twelve-months at $50.00 per month.

Deliverables to Ambassador Program Members:

The Ambassador Membership Program is intended to be affordable and cost-effective to our members. The specific list of concrete deliverables includes:

  1. A profile listed on the website (see attached sample for Apartments for People, LLC)
  2. Provided articles, white papers or other relevant unbiased materials with your logo branded on it for submission to our Knowledge Center online library.
  3. Join a cluster of 3-5 other Ambassadors that do not compete with your business and work together to develop new clients within the affordable housing marketplace.
  4. Lead webinars on relevant unbiased topics about topics in your area of expertise and we will promote them to our membership list.
  5. Obtain our “Marketing Toolkit” document that offers simple and affordable ideas to plan and implement your cause-related marketing or community caring program. Download the toolkit from the website.
  6. Submit questions through the Knowledge Center portal.
  7. Ask for limited coaching to help you get your plan off to the right start. We will conduct period “New Ambassador Webinars” to help you get up the learning curve as fast as possible.
  8. Open your imagination to develop new ideas and provide constructive feedback so we may better serve your needs.
  9. Provide unbiased and relevant short articles with your picture and logo that could be included in our periodic e-newsletter.
  10. Obtain discounts on marketing opportunities.
  11. Obtain financial rewards as you help us recruit more than twenty-five paying new members to the site.
  12. Obtain help developing a target list of prospective clients in the affordable housing marketplace in your region.

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